Yoga Retreat




Yoga Retreat for Women

Next one coming soon !!!

With Vanessa DL & Erika Gauvin

For a weekend, let the colors of autumn make you dream in the enchanting scenery of the Laurentians (St-Adolph-de-Howard). While nature invites us to let go of what no longer serves, join us under the energy of the full moon for a moment of connection through movement, introspection and celebration.



What is included?


2 nights accommodation

6 vegetarian meals

5 classes of yoga

2 creative workshops


Moment of sweetness and introspection

Bonfire / Sacred Fire Ritual







13 pm Arrival

2:30 Flow: My Body - A Tangible Reality

4 pm Presentation

6 pm Dinner

7:30 Intention + Action = Magic

8 pm Yin + Meditation: Female Intuition



8 am Meditation

8h:30 Flow: Fluid and Creative Trajectory

10 am Lunch + Free time

11:30 Energy Cleaning - Making of your own "Smudge Spray"

1:30 Dinner

3:30 Sacred Space - Creating Your Ritual

6 pm Dinner

8 pm Yin + Meditation for the Full Moon

9:30 Sacred Fire Ritual


Day 3 - SUNDAY

9 am Flow + Yin: Regenerate & Transform

10 am Lunch + Free time

11:30 Sharing Circle

1:30 Dinner

2:30 Check-out:

*Free time = Read a book, walk in nature, take a nap & more.



What to bring?


Comfortable clothes / Swimsuit (optional - if you want to enjoy the spa during your free time) / Notebook and pencil

Water bottle  /  Yoga mats (can provide as needed) / Symbolic objects (optional - crystals, jewelry, etc.)






Details coming soon




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Howard Lodge, St-Adolphe-d'Howard, Qc, 1h15 from Montreal

The ambiance of the chalet is warm and luxurious with large wooden rooms, views of the lake, stone fireplace and spa.The rooms are all equipped with Collection Hotel mattresses, high-quality bedding and feather duvets.