Multi-Barre Certification - 50H


Multi-Barre Certification Program - 50 Hour 


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The program:​

  • Our Training is anchored in anatomy, alignment and safe movement.  Our workouts are designed to be intense in order to provide clients with the most efficient use of their time and movements.
  • Our Training is typically offered over 3 days, which provides students with 10 hours of training each day, with a practicum of 10 non-contact hours, for a total of 50 hours of training.
  • Our Training is for certified 200-Hour Yoga Teachers and for Certified Fitness Experts looking to deepen their teaching tools OR for those who want to deepen their knowledge of movement and anatomy.


You will Learn:

  • How to develop your authentic teacher voice
  • How to guide your students through our Movement Guide
  • How to effectively manage a busy room
  • How to use barre props
  • Safe movement guidelines
  • Optimal Postural Alignment (OPA)
  • Anatomy & physiology supporting OPA
  • How to sequence your classes
  • How to be creative in your class creation
  • How to create a proper music playlist

Course Syllabus:

MODULE 1  Anatomy + Kinesthesiology

  • Skeletal and muscular anatomy for optimum postural alignment (OPA).
  • A physical experience of each movement in OPA
  • Breath Anatomy; the importance of breath.

MODULE 2  Movement Guide

  • Detailing all of the Multi Barre Postures and Movements, including efficient set up and effective cues.  This module also includes how to teach stretch postures for the end of class.


MODULE 3  Powerful Teaching Cues

  • Learn how to effectively guide your students through a one-hour Barre Class.


MODULE 4  Class Creation

  • Learn how to create powerful, effective, safe class formats for students of all abilities.


Financing is available  // Register for both trainings and save!  // Questions? Contact Hali Love directly.



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