Owner & founder | Cindy is the founder of Yoga Club. Her driving principles from the beginning have been to create a contemporary yoga studio to enable everyone to practice and discover the wide benefits that the practice of yoga has brought her. She feels inspired and blessed to apply her management and business background towards creating a space dedicated to community, wellness and personal growth. For Cindy, yoga seamlessly aligns her mind, body and spirit. She first discovered yoga seven years ago and has been hooked ever since. Certified through Multi Style Yoga Institute, she teaches a variety of styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Nidra. Passionate and authentic, she loves leading poses that challenge students to push their limits, while allowing them to laugh at themselves in the process. Her mission is to guide and connect with people that intend to make this world a healthier and happier place.


Emotianal support | Boogie Reason started life on the beach, in the small community of Playa Negra in Costa Rica. It was in November 2017 that her eyes met Cindy's for the first time: since then, their destinies are linked. Boogie has swapped the life of go-barefoot and tasting trash for a life of lust and love by becoming the official mascot of the Studio. A zooper therapist at heart, this small dog with a semi-cat-ferret-human personality will be able to cheer you up thanks to his generous hugs and his little licks in the nostril (if you are not careful). You will have been warned!


Manager | Maïté has always been fascinated by the human body; she began her career in alternative health in 2007, completing a certification in Swedish massage at the Guijek School in Montreal. She is particularly interested in the relationship between the body’s composition and its emotional dimension, which motivates her to deepen her understanding of both global and energetical approaches. She continuously improves her knowledge through several Yoga, Reiki and massage therapy courses, including Lomi Lomi massage and Fasciatherapy. She has completed two teacher trainings: a 300-hour training in British Columbia in 2011 and a 200-hour at the Yoga Club with Hali Love just this year. Her goal is to provide others with tools to help them in their healing by using different alternative techniques so that they may reconnect with their full potential. She is presently training to become an Ayurvedic therapist at L’espace Ayurveda in Montreal.


Team Coach | Hali Love has over 37,000 hours of logged teaching experience with The International Yoga Alliance. She is experienced in the health and wellness industry and has received certifications in hypnotherapy, various styles of yoga, ayurveda consultation and services, pranayama, meditation, subconscious restructuring, emotional healing and yoga therapy.
Hali Love is a successful entrepreneur and a dedicated mother, who thrives off putting her passions into action, walking her talk, and living her life to the fullest. Hali has a positive outlook on life and is committed to support others to not only heal their body, mind, spirit and heart, but also to support them in living the life they dream of and being the most powerful version of themselves.


Head Teacher | Five years ago, one of Alexandrine's good friends invited her to join him for a hot yoga class and she became totally addicted to the practice. Over the years, her practice became more and more diversified, from soft restorative sessions to intense and powerful vinyasa flows. The passion for yoga grew deeply and she felt the need to learn how to share it with others. In 2015, she completed a 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Naada Yoga in Montreal, where she discovered how wide and filled with endless knowledge the yoga world is with the help of amazing teachers. Way beyond just asanas, yoga is now a lifestyle and the feeling of discovering a little or a lot more everyday about it, about others and especially about herself drives her to push always further.


Yoga teacher & Community leaderIn the beginning, yoga was a way for Alexandrine to keep fit and learn relaxation techniques. Setting foot inside the Yoga Club two years ago was a pivotal moment of great change, for she understood all the magic that could come out of yoga. Her practice helped her integrate some balance into her everyday life, thanks to the combination between the power of her intentions and thoughts with the consciousness of her personal energy, which allows her to be the best version of herself she's ever known. It soon became clear to her that she had to share that magic with others. Passionate about the human body, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sexology, and in 2018, she completed her yoga teacher training at the Yoga Club with Hali Love of Multi Style Yoga International. Her goal is to enable others to surpass themselves and believe in their abilities by showing them their limits so that they can reach their full potential.


Yoga & Barre teacher | Active and dynamic, Jeanne is a passionate individual striving toward excellence. She is a graduate in contemporary dance from École de danse de Québec, and she has since worked for many companies in Quebec and Canada as a professional dancer. She discovered yoga while she was on tour and quickly developed a passion for it. Yoga is, for her, a way to align her body with her mind and find a balance through her multiple trainings. After several years of practice, Jeanne decided to deepen her knowledge and recently started her Yoga Teacher Training at Zéro Gravité. By teaching, she wants to guide her trainees to become more aware of their bodies, find ease in their movements, and trust their capacity. Jeanne joined Yoga Club studio in January 2017 and is teaching Multi-Barre and Yoga classes.


Yoga teacher |Yanou completed 500 certified training hours in Mexico (Shivananda) and in Canada (Multi Style Yoga International - Hatha, Yin & Nidra), which prompted her to share her love of yoga in the hopes of inspiring people every day to find what makes them feel good and help them reach physical and mental balance. She does so with authenticity, humor and respect (no judgement), meeting the needs of each one of her students. Helping you find the strength to be yourself without any restriction and to allow others to do the same is what inspires her. Her mission is to democratize yoga, to make it more accessible to all who wish to develop a yogic practice.



Yoga teacher |Valerie discovered yoga a few years ago. Many questions about life and it’s meaning started to emerge and it was already clear that yoga was for her the best way to answer them. It is during her 2 year stay in London that yoga really integrated her everyday life and became a sort of ‘quest for better living’. In 2017, following major changes in her life, she finally decides to make the jump and leaves for Goa, India, where she completed a 200 hour Ashtanga/Vinyasa Flow teacher training. This experience made her realise that she wanted to share with others what she had the privilege of receiving from life. Now back in Montreal, she keeps learning everyday and wants her classes to be a place where everyone can progress at their own pace.

‘’Patience, acceptation, compassion.’’



Yoga teacher | Rachel teaches yoga to spread the love of life through the experience of the body. She completed her 380-hour training in Hatha and Vinyasa at Yoga Sangha in Montreal with Yoagacharya Sylvie Tremblay. Rachel is also studying osteopathy at the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal, enabling her to increase the understanding of the anatomy, biomechanic and physiology of the human body. She guides creative sequences in a regenerative manner.

Her mission is to “facilitate” people to regain their inner power, to create space through the breath to be willing to take up all the space that belongs to them. To better settle in “Self” while creating movement to live a healthy and adaptative life.


Yoga teacher |Cindy discovered the virtues of yoga at the opening of the Yoga Club and knew quickly that she wanted to deepen her knowledge of the lifestyle related to this practice. She decided to do her Yoga Yoga training in Montreal with Hali Love from the Multi Style Yoga Institute, followed by a private retreat in Costa Rica to consolidate her learning about Yoga and herself. Desiring to always deepen her knowledge, Cindy seizes every opportunity to diversify her teaching: Ayurveda, Reiki, various workshops, etc. Since Yoga has helped her greatly in more difficult times of her life, Cindy now wants to share her passion with others, and make them realize the powerful tool that is Yoga. In her classes, she encourages authenticity, love of oneself and one’s body, and above all, pleasure.


Yoga & Barre teacher |As an actress, director and improv comedian, Mélanie, who is a Scorpio with Virgo rising, has found yoga to be the glue that holds together all aspects of her being. Yoga allows her to maintain her strength and endurance, all the while feeding her love of high intensity training and developing her softness, flexibility and vulnerability. Through yoga she found the balance and spirituality she had been looking for, which prompted her to train in yoga and barre with Hali Love of Multi-Style Yoga. Just like in theatre, she enjoys guiding her students through their own quest for connection, pushing them to excel and even to surprise themselves. Teaching is a way for Mélanie to establish a connection with others and share her energy.


Yoga teacher | A dancer for more than fifteen years of her life, Jess turned to yoga in 2014, on a quest for spiritual well-being. For this imaginative and instinctive dreamer, yoga was an immediate fit with her personality and had an important effet on her life. Jess has also worked as a social worker since 2012; motivated by the desire to help others and to be an agent of change, she decided to complete her yoga teacher training. She completed her Hatha & Hatha Flow YTT300 with Shakti Lyne Rochon, trained in Yogathérapie at Yoga Sangha, followed by a Multibarre training at the Studio Yoga Club, ending with a Yin Yoga training in India. Today, Jess wishes for her students to look inside themselves, to be conscious of their breath, of their bodies, in order to truly inhabit it. To live the asana, rather than practicing the asana.


Yoga teacher | Carolina is fascinated by human anatomy. She became a massage therapist in 2005 and a yoga instructor in 2013. She will not hesitate to go down different paths of the health and wellness world, such as meditation or traditional Chinese medicine, to satisfy her curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Her classes are rooted in compassion, softness and strength through the practice of endurance. She mixes yang and yin, conscious breath and meditation. She is dedicated to her students’ wellbeing and to making yoga accessible to everyone, especially those who have only just begun their yogic practice. Her experience as a massage therapist and Reiki Master enhances her classes; it is not unusual to see her adjusting her students during a yoga practice, or simply accompany them through therapeutic touch or Reiki.


Multi-Barre teacher |Erika was a dance instructor for over 10 years before switching to a career in fitness. Today, she is a true ambassador of a healthy lifestyle, and her day is never complete without moving her body, working out, running a few kilometers and eating well. Erika is a Certified Personal Trainer and has completed multiples certifications for group fitness classes. She completed her Multi Barre certification with Hali Love at the Yoga Club. Known for her enthusiasm and creative sequences, Erika’s wish is that each participant feels energized, proud of themselves and their progress at the end of her classes. When she is not training, you can see her with her iPhone in one hand and a chicklit novel on her e-reader in the other, a designer handbag tucked under her arm.


Yoga Teacher |Kelsie is a yoga instructor, a registered kinesiologist and a physiotherapy student. She has accumulated over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training and offers well-rounded classes that blend anatomical precision and yoga philosophy. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga and wants to help others live more fully in their bodies and their lives.


Multi-barre Teacher |Maude is a trained actress who’s always loved movement and dance. She did ballet jazz throughout her childhood before discovering theatre. She has been practicing Pilates over 10 years, and is a certified booty barre instructor. She teaches Multi-barre as per Hali Love at the Yoga Club and in the end, her only wish is to inject more laughter into her classes. After all, nobody has ever died from the burn of a pulsing booty!  


Multi-barre Teacher |In her very first yoga class, Sandra felt like she was coming home. She had to learn from the beginning, which was incredibly difficult for her, but yoga felt like home and she wanted to put down her roots. She began a daily yoga practice and it quickly became part of her lifestyle. The benefits reaped were so important and it became clear to her that she had to become a teacher. Following her trainings - Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Children and Mindfulness Meditation in Sivananda ashrams - Sandra studied at the Ananda Om Academy to add Reiki to her classes. Throughout her years as a teacher, she continued to explore new practices, eager to share the feeling of well-being and release with her students.  In 2015, she started her own company, Yoga Complice, and felt the need to explore new disciplines. She discovered Multi-barre in 2017 at the Yoga Club and the practice’s incredible benefits convinced her to join the teacher training. Today, she hopes to help her students reconnect with themselves and maintain harmony within their body.



Yoga Teacher |Evelyne has lived an active lifestyle since she was 7 years old. She began as a gymnast, and 10 years later turned to circus gymnastics. She spent the next 18 years learning the inner workings of her craft within different companies abroad.   The soft medicine of yoga puzzles her at first; she is used to pushing her body to the very edge of what it can do. However, she quickly realizes how it transforms her body and spirit. She then turns to yoga again and again for her tired body, finding balance in the chaos of her nomadic life. Her wish to better understand the mechanics of the moving body pushes her to begin her first teacher trainings. Evelyne’s priority is to create a safe and durable physical practice, in order to deepen the interior experience of yoga. In her classes, she aims for gentleness, along with rigor, abandonment, along with effort, and compassion, a long with excelling oneself.



Pilates Teacher |Gabrielle has developed her passion for body movement and physical activity with the practice of yoga and running.  She first started working as general manager of a Pilates studio, but soon started the process to become a Pilates instructor. Certified with Stott Pilates, she teaches Pilates on and off the Reformer. She is passionate, energetic and seeks to offer her clientele the most accurate Pilates teaching technique. Coming from the fashion scene and service industry, Gabrielle found that Pilates was a good match for her two passions; the creative side from fashion allows her to build different and original classes every week, combined with the energetic and human side of the service industry. She is constantly learning, which enables her to always push her teachings a little further and to be the best version of herself for her clientele.