Yoga Retreat


Women's Yoga Retreat 

> november 16-17-18 2018
> november 23-24-25 2018 

With Vanessa DL, Alex G. Slater and Cindy Reason

Join Vanessa DL, Alexandrine G. Slater and Cindy Reason for the third edition of Sacred Space; retreats specifically designed for women and organized by the Yoga Club.

This retreat will be under the theme of change and transformation. These two themes fit perfectly into the astrological context in which we will be: the month of Scorpio. Since this water sign is related to topics such as sexuality, change and movement, there will be many practices inspired by the second chakra - the sacred chakra.

Experience the transformative energy of this incredible chalet in the Laurentians (St-Adolph-de-Howard). Do not miss this opportunity to slow down under the power of the black moon, to recharge in an enchanting atmosphere.


What to bring ?

Comfortable clothing / Swimsuit (optional - if you want to enjoy the spa during your free time) / Journal and pencil

Water Bottle / Yoga Mat (can provide if needed)




How much does it cost ?


1 person shared room 475$ 

1 person private room 595$ (Sold Out for both weekends)

*2 people shared room 875$ (Sold Out for the weekend of 23-25 )

*2 people private room 950$. (Sold Out for the weekend of 23-25 )


*Sharing the same King or Queen size bed



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Where ?

St-Adolphe-d’Howard, Qc, 1h15 from Montréal

The atmosphere of the chalet is warm and luxurious with large wooden rooms, view on the lake, stone fireplace and spa. All rooms are equipped with Collection Hotel mattresses, premium bedding and feather duvet.