Energy Exchange


If you wish you deepen your practice and be part of our yoga community, 
Yoga Club has a work/trade program that consists of 4 hours of your time per week,
in exchange for unlimited free yoga classes.

We are looking for dependable, honest, yoga-loving individuals in our work/trade community.

Our work trade position requires one 4 hours shift per week.
We offer morning and afternoon shifts. We require a minimum commitment of three months.


Our responsibilities include:
front desk and health bar duties, light cleaning, and general upkeep.

Work-trade staff must demonstrate respect, reliability and accountability. 

Send us an email answering the questions listed below.
Interviews are held on an individual bases based on availability, need, and qualifications.

Why do you want to join the YC team?
What you do for a living?
What do you do for fun?
What past or present school, work and life experiences can you bring to the Work Exchange program?
How long have you been practicing yoga? 
Where do you usually practice? 
Anything else you would like to share?
When are you available?

Here’s our opening hours;
Monday-Friday 7am-10pm,
Saturday 9am-7pm,
Sunday 9am-8pm

We are looking forward to meeting you !